Etekcity FSA HSA Smart Scale Review: Worth Your Health Dollars?

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After stepping on the Etekcity Smart Scale, our first impression was all about its precision and the clear, readable display. The notion of upgrading from a basic weighing scale to one providing a comprehensive overview of body composition is intriguing. As we've found, this device isn't just for the weight-conscious, but also for those looking to delve into a holistic health assessment.

With a tap of the foot, the sleek black surface comes to life, showing not just pounds but also biometrics like muscle mass and even heart rate. Its compatibility with Apple Health and the VeSync app simplifies tracking progress over time. You can charge it once and forget about it for months, thanks to its impressive battery life, which is a big plus in this busy world.

Etekcity Smart Scale

But it's not just about what's under the hood – the experience is enhanced by thoughtful features like the little arrows that guide proper placement for an accurate read. We also must comment on the Zero-Current Mode for pregnancy and Baby Mode to track your little one's growth, showing that the scale is designed with every family member in mind.

Bottom Line

We believe the Etekcity Smart Scale makes a reliable tool for anyone on a wellness journey or simply looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Its intelligent design, precise measurements, and extensive biometric analysis place it a notch above traditional scales.

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Etekcity Smart Scale: A High-Tech Health Companion for Your Home

Stepping onto this Etekcity scale each morning has become an insightful start to our day. The smart scale's precision is noteworthy, with its upgraded ITO-coating ensuring accurate biometric readings. It's more than just a weight tracker; it analyzes a comprehensive set of health data which has helped us monitor our fitness progress effectively.

The process of connecting the scale to the VeSync app is straightforward and syncing it to various health applications like Apple Health and Google Fit adds convenience. We particularly appreciate the motivational aspect; you can even ask Alexa about your weight loss progress, making it a fun, interactive experience.

Despite the initial concerns that multiple users might complicate things, the scale accommodates several profiles, making it suitable for the whole family. The thoughtful design extends to its rechargeable battery, eliminating the need for frequent battery replacements.

We've seen some questions from users about reconnecting to the app and performing firmware updates, but these were easily addressed by following the provided steps. The scale's consistent accuracy, user-friendly interface, and fun display make it an integral tool in our health and fitness journey, though we had to keep in mind that its compatibility with MyFitnessPal is limited to weight data only.

What we've learned is that this smart scale doesn't just display numbers, it brings a deeper understanding of our health, directly to our bathroom floor. It may stumble slightly with app connectivity at times, reflecting the usual tech hiccups, but it stands strong as a modern health management device.

First-Rate Quality and Design

Upon using the Etekcity Smart Scale, it’s immediately clear the design marries both form and function seamlessly. The color screen provides a bright, clear display that is legible from a standing position. We appreciated the thoughtful placement of visual guides like arrows to ensure accurate foot positioning which is crucial for consistent readings.

The scale's tough exterior feels sturdy underfoot, conveying a sense of durability. However, it’s not just the exterior that boasts quality; internal features like the upgraded ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) coating demonstrate an attention to precision. This technology aids the scale in providing reliable measurements every time we used it.

In terms of utility for the whole family, it stands out with its Zero-Current and Baby Modes, demonstrating versatility for a variety of users. Whether it’s tracking the growth of a little one or adapting to a household member’s pregnancy, the scale adapts as needed.

The lack of any need for batteries is a major advantage; the scale's rechargeable nature is certainly a step towards eco-friendliness and convenience. A single charge lasting months at a time means one less thing to worry about in our busy lives.

While the aesthetics of the scale are pleasing, we found the true value in its consistent functionality and thoughtful design features aimed at making weight tracking an effortless part of our daily routine.

Full Biometric Analysis: More Than Just Weight

Stepping on this scale goes beyond basic weight measurement. We're talking about a comprehensive biometric health snapshot that evaluates much more than pounds or kilos. It's impressive how it captures 14 different body metrics, like muscle mass and heart rate, to give a fully rounded view of our health.

When we used the scale, we noticed it's not just a number game; the fun, engaging display cheers you on and guides you through the process. It's a big upgrade from the emotionless digital readouts we're used to. For those who love smart home integration, asking Alexa about our weight loss progress kept us hands-free and motivated.

However, some of us experienced minor hiccups with the scale's app connectivity, which occasionally dropped out. We appreciated the practicality of the app storing multiple profiles, making it a one-stop health station for the whole family.

The not-so-pleasant side was learning that not all our data could sync with MyFitnessPal—only the weight. And as with any smart device, there is a learning curve to navigating the app and getting the most out of the scale's features. But once we got the hang of it, it was smooth sailing.

Innovative Display and Connectivity

After spending some time with the Etekcity Apex scale, we’ve found that its display sets it apart from traditional scales. Its fun, interactive TFT display not only shows weight but also delivers motivational messages and complete biometric analyses without the need to reach for your phone. The connectivity with the VeSync app is seamless, syncing data over Wi-Fi directly to the app and various other platforms such as Apple Health and Google Fit.

We've noticed a few hiccups, specifically when the scale powers off to save energy, which could result in a temporary 'disconnected' status in the app. However, reconnection is straightforward: just turn the scale back on and open the app. If multiple people are using the scale, options to either share one VeSync account or pair up to five separate accounts ensure that family and friends can easily track their individual progress.

Pregnant users and those with pacemakers can rest assured as well. The scale has a Zero-Current Mode for safe weight and BMI measurement, and firmware updates are managed through the app, maintaining the consistency of the device. The ITO coating technology is also a plus, enhancing the accuracy of each measurement. Overall, our experience was that the Etekcity Apex offers a balance of innovative features with some minor issues in connectivity that are manageable.

Smart Integrations for a Connected Experience

When effortlessly monitoring fitness goals, our experience with the Etekcity Smart Scale shines. True to its name, the scale's ability to integrate with various health apps is remarkable. What we found particularly helpful was its seamless syncing capability with Apple Health and even the Apple Watch. Being able to dive into our biometric data, right after stepping off the scale, without the need to fiddle with our phone, was a standout feature.

While the hands-free voice control via Alexa kept us motivated, it was the personalized interactive messages on the color screen that added a unique touch to our daily weigh-ins. It was surprising to step on the scale and get greeted with progress updates and bits of encouragement. However, we noticed that sometimes the Wi-Fi connection needed a reset, which slightly interrupted the flow of our morning routine.

Additionally, the Etekcity Smart Scale's app, VeSync, brought an immersive experience. The graphs and goal tracking are intuitive enough for anyone to appreciate the nuances of their health journey beyond mere weight numbers. One of our team members, expecting a child, praised the Zero-Current Mode for its thoughtful inclusion for pregnant users, adding a sense of safety to the process.

This scale caters to the whole family with its unlimited profiles and also offers insights for our little ones or furry friends with Baby Mode. It's apparent that this device isn't just a scale; it's a robust tool for advancing everyone's health regimen. Although we relished the advanced features, for those less tech-savvy, navigating through all the functionalities might be slightly overwhelming at first.

Advanced Features for Family Use

Having recently integrated the Etekcity Smart Scale into our family routine, we've observed how its advanced features cater to various family members. The scale stands out for its unique family-friendly capabilities. Parents will appreciate the Zero-Current Mode for safe weight tracking during pregnancy, while Baby Mode effortlessly records the growth of our little ones, pets included.

The family dynamic changes constantly, and this scale adapts to it. With unlimited user profiles, it's been simple to set up accounts for each family member. There's no mix-up or resetting — the scale recognizes who's stepping on based on past data.

One feature that's undeniably helpful is the interactive display. It offers quick feedback and shows you're positioned correctly for an accurate reading without always grabbing your phone. And speaking of phones, the hands-free voice control via Alexa supports our busy hands-on lifestyle: just ask for your progress, and it responds.

There are some areas where the scale might not meet expectations. In houses with uneven flooring, it's sometimes a challenge to find a perfectly flat spot for consistent measurements. Moreover, while the scale boasts an impressive array of biometric readings, users should cautiously interpret data like muscle mass or heart rate, as these are estimations and not clinical measurements.

In all, the Etekcity Smart Scale is a thoughtful addition to our home, bringing a touch of tech to our health and fitness journey without becoming intrusive.

Thoughtful Design with Eco-Friendly Charging

In our experience, one impressive aspect of the Apex scale is its commitment to sustainability, particularly with its charging system. Gone are the days when we'd worry about replacing batteries. This innovative scale simplifies life with a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts up to six months on a single charge with average use. That's a considerable leap toward reducing waste and the hassle of purchasing new batteries.

The device effortlessly connects to your smartphone, and the energy-saving auto-power-off feature ensures efficient use of the charge. By turning off 20 seconds after use, it conserves energy thoughtfully. However, this can cause a bit of confusion as it shows a "disconnected" status in the app, but a simple restart of the scale and a quick app check will sort this out.

We appreciate that Etekcity has not only focused on technological prowess but has also designed an eco-friendly charging system. The peace of mind, knowing we contribute to less environmental harm while tracking our fitness goals, adds an extra layer of satisfaction. It's a smart move for a smart scale.

Pros and Cons


Looking at the Etekcity Smart Scale, we've found several strengths worth highlighting. First and foremost, the scale's ability to connect with the Apple Watch and sync with various health apps, such as Apple Health and Google Fit, stands out. It's immensely convenient for keeping track of our health goals. Moreover, this gadget provides a full biometric analysis, not just weight but also BMI, muscle mass, and heart rate, among others, which gives a comprehensive view of our health status.

The interactive display is a joy to use; it offers encouragement and information even without having to reach for our phones. The fact that it responds to voice commands via Alexa is an added bonus for hands-free operation, enhancing its user-friendly appeal.

The accuracy of the scale is dependable, credited to the ITO-coating and helpful foot-positioning guide. Also, the inclusive design of the scale, which accommodates multiple profiles, means it's suitable for the entire family, from tracking a baby's weight to monitoring pregnancy weight with Zero-Current Mode.

Not having to worry about batteries is a relief—its long-lasting charge (up to 6 months) coupled with the durable arched design ensures both convenience and longevity. The thoughtful touch of being able to read the large, well-lit numbers in the dark further enriches the user experience.


While we've enjoyed many aspects of the Etekcity Smart Scale, it's important to balance our perspective by considering a few downsides. Those who prefer a simple scale without the extra health analysis may find the additional features overwhelming. Some users may not want or need the smart functionality, in which case, these scales might be overcomplicated.

The scale's metallic build, while sleek and robust, does come with added weight, which might not be ideal for users who need to move it frequently. Also, the accuracy of the scale can be impaired if placed on uneven floors, though it does have indicators to signal incorrect positioning.

While the app provides a comprehensive data set, there's the potential need for frequent updates and possible compatibility issues with certain devices or with future software updates. This could lead to frustrations for users who aren't as tech-savvy or who prefer a more straightforward, timeless product.

In summary, the Etekcity Smart Scale is teeming with features meant to enhance our health tracking, but this may also introduce complications not found in simpler models. It excels in innovation and user interaction but might not align with the preferences of everyone due to its high-tech nature and associated requirements.

Customer Reviews

We've spent significant time examining the plethora of feedback from users of the Etekcity Smart Scale. The general consensus indicates a high level of satisfaction, echoed by a formidable average rating that speaks volumes. Customers frequently commend the scale's precise measurements and user-friendly design, applauding its ability to offer highly accurate readings, even in homes with uneven flooring.

From our experience, it's not just about weight; having a scale that seamlessly integrates with mobile health apps is a massive plus for those tracking fitness progress. The Etekcity scale's app connectivity is often highlighted as a motivational tool by users who appreciate seeing a detailed view of their health stats.

We noticed comments addressed the scale's aesthetics and durability, praising the sleekness and sturdiness of the metal construction. The large, well-lit display is a winner among customers who appreciate clarity, especially in low-light conditions.

While most feedback is glowingly positive, some users have mentioned the scale's heaviness due to its metal build as a minor inconvenience. However, in our view, the robustness of the scale adds a reassuring sense of stability and longevity, outweighing the heft.

In our hands-on experience, the Etekcity Smart Scale genuinely holds its own across various aspects, from design to functionality. It stands as a solid choice in a crowded marketplace, according to the endorsements from many satisfied customers.


After spending considerable time with this Etekcity Smart Scale, we've found that it strikes a fine balance between functionality and design. Its solid construction gives a sense of durability without the risk of shattering, common in glass models. The clear, easy-to-read display impresses us, proving useful even in low-light conditions.

In terms of performance, the accuracy is noteworthy. Whether our floors are uneven or not, the helpful indicators ensure we're positioned correctly for a precise measurement. The scale pairs seamlessly with its app, allowing us to monitor our health metrics effectively. Although it's heavier than some alternatives, this hints at its sturdy build quality.

However, no product is without its flaws. Some of us missed having insight into weight trends directly from the scale without consulting the app. And while the app is comprehensive, navigating it may present a mild learning curve for the less tech-savvy among us.

In all, this scale serves as both a reliable health tool and a sleek bathroom accessory. We recommend it to those prioritizing accuracy and design in their fitness equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to keeping track of our fitness goals, we all seek gadgets that are reliable and easy to use. After my time with this Etekcity smart scale, I've gathered some insights regarding common queries people have about the product. Here we'll discuss things readers often wonder about, from its accuracy to durability and health tracking features.

How does the Etekcity smart scale ensure accuracy in body fat measurement?

The scale has been thoughtfully designed with ITO-coating, which enhances its sensitivity and accuracy. By guiding our feet to the precise position, it ensures we get consistent and reliable body fat measurements every time we step on it.

Can the Etekcity smart scale sync with fitness tracking apps?

Absolutely, it excels in this area. The scale syncs seamlessly with various fitness apps, including Apple Health, Google Fit, FitBit, and MyFitnessPal, though it's worth noting that only body weight data can be synced with MyFitnessPal. These integrations are especially helpful for us to keep track of our fitness journey.

What makes the Etekcity smart scale eligible for FSA or HSA?

Due to its health-centric features, the scale qualifies for potential reimbursement through Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) or Health Savings Accounts (HSA). This eligibility is a boon for those of us looking to invest in health and wellness tools while making the most of our FSA/HSA benefits.

What is the difference between the Etekcity Apex and ESF-551 scales?

The Apex distinguishes itself with a full biometric analysis ability, offering an extensive overview that includes heart rate measurements. While both scales are from the same reliable brand, the Apex comes with a few extra bells and whistles, like the interactive display that provides us with feedback and motivation without needing our phones.

How durable are Etekcity bathroom scales for long-term use?

They are built with a focus on durability. This particular model, with its arched structure and robust design —no glass to shatter— feels sturdy underfoot. Its metal construction gives it a solid feel that suggests it's ready to withstand daily use over the long haul.

What features are included in the Etekcity smart scale for tracking health metrics?

We get a comprehensive picture of our health with this smart scale. It tracks an array of metrics including weight, BMI, and heart rate, which are neatly presented in the accompanying app. It's also fuss-free because, with its rechargeable battery, we aren't constantly searching for replacements. The engaging and interactive display adds to the experience, providing encouragement and data even if our phones aren't at hand.

In use, the scale is not just about weight — it's a tool for understanding our health in a more holistic way. Its smart features and compatibility with fitness apps make it a valuable companion for anyone serious about fitness and health tracking.

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